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Using Media for Social Change

Since I last blogged 3 months ago so many things have happened to help set me on a path for future work. I’ve been fortunate enough to have funding to attend attend a conference on Digital Storytelling, hosted by the Center for Digital Storytelling in partnership with the Luso-American foundation in Portugal, and a week long International School for Digital Transformation, also in Portugal. I have also started my community fieldwork case studies and completed my classroom based case studies.

In each of these, I have met some inspiration people who have helped me to see the world in a slightly different way. Rather than gazing with terror at how badly broken our social structures are, I can see the cracks and in some cases how issues are intertwined and form the cracks, but also tiny little bridges starting to appear over them.

This video was just tweeted by one of the inspirational faculty members I met at ISDT09, and it represents one of those bridges. “Playing for Change” shows how music crosses cultural boundaries so beautifully and how technology facilitates such collaborations. And it is a really enjoyable way of spending 5 minutes.


About Sarah

Mum. Plant enthusiast. Multimedia Producer. I'm fascinated by the way technology mediates communication, both human to computer and also amongst people when technology is an influencing factor. I have worked in the New Media industry for 18 years, recently researching Digital Storytelling as a tool to address issues in rural communities. Outside of community informatics and e-Learning, I love spending time with my family - humans and canines - and live, sleep, breathe gardening. I'm slightly obsessed with plants, and I garden organically with biodiversity in mind.


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